Asthma Attack Medicinal Plants

There are two types of asthma, intrinsic asthma and extrinsic asthma. Internal factors like stress, air pollution, respiratory infection and exercise cause intrinsic asthma. Animals' dander, pollens, trees, molds, dust mites' etc causes' extrinsic asthma. 

There is no proper means to prevent intrinsic asthma however people choose to utilize medicinal plants. There are no side-effects caused due to the use of medicinal plants for controlling asthma attacks. But it should be used sparingly.

Garlic is one of the medicinal plant which curbs asthma attack. Mixing garlic with boiled milk and drinking gives instant relief from attacks. Turmeric is also has therapeutic properties to relieve attacks. It should also be consumed with hot milk twice a day. 

Asthma Attack Medicinal Plants

A mixture of camphor and mustard oil when applied on the chest can give instantaneous relief. It eases the pattern of breathing and loosens the phlegm from the chest. 

Ginger also is an excellent means of keeps asthma conditions under control. Some of the herbs like sanctm, inula helenium, emblica, verbascum, chebulic, shilajit, glychyrrhiza glabra when missed in various medicinal proportions helps in controlling the symptoms of asthma and making the flow of air in the air tubes easier. 

Although medicinal plants that are used for controlling asthma attacks do not have adverse effect it is better to consult your physician before switching over to it. 

A bronchodilator which is prepared from aloe Vera, banana stalk and a flower belong to the family of hibiscus is being used by many asthmatics and has shown positive results. People have begun opting for medicinal plant for asthma attacks in different part of the world. Uses of medicinal plants have become an integral part of much ancient civilization. The healing properties of medicinal plants have successfully cured human illness till the development of science took place. 

However some doctors warn against the use of medicinal plants in curing asthma because of the possible toxic effects present in some of them. Some of the medicinal herbs have been used since age old times and passed on traditionally from generation to generation.

Thus curing asthma attack through medicinal plants and herbs rather than by man made drugs is always healthy option. Medicinal plants today have a new role to play. Besides decorating and being used in various cuisines, if used in appropriate doses can be converted into an effective drug for curing illnesses. Medicinal plants are used as medications in the form of oils, tinctures, syrups and decoctions. Today it is synthesized and manipulated in new forms by the pharmaceutical industry

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