Mystical Plants and Medicinal Plants

Nature is referred to every bit Mother Nature, symbolizing her ability to create, nourish too keep creation. Man is cognizant of nature's powers of creation, residual every bit good every bit destruction, but is non cognizant of the vastness too her sway over the entire universe. Unable to encompass nature inwards her entirety, human holds her inwards veneration.

Nature provides too sustains mankind past nourishing him amongst food. The nutrient chain that human has learnt to depict from nature from the abundant constitute life. Man has learnt to cultivate state too grow plants, cereals, grains, pulses, vegetables too fruits for his food. He has learnt to role the natural fiber to weave material too role the abundant natural resources of woods for edifice his shelter. The usage of plants is non express to alone this. Plants are useful to human inwards beingness able to cure him of ailments including diseases too infections too.

Mystical Plants and Medicinal Plants

Recognizing the medicinal too curative properties of medicinal plants, human has for generations aid the plants inwards veneration too worshipped them likewise studying their properties too growing them. Ancient civilizations too earthworks sites similar the ones at Republic of Iraq take provided clue to the fact that 60,000 years agone men used to cultivate medicinal plants too held them inwards high esteem.

Certain mystical plants too medicinal plants amongst hallucinogenic plants capable of producing hallucinations every bit good every bit helping individuals top the consciousness into higher realms are used past yogis too people who exercise spiritual rituals too study. Certain sects inwards oriental cultures every bit good every bit other ancient societies role shamanistic practices involving few especial plants.

Since fourth dimension immemorial people take believed that plants too trees are besides living spirits amongst a mortal except that they are at a lower way of look of life. Accordingly they believed trees to live to a greater extent than or less guardian angels or spirits. Hindu philosophy has ascribed diverse holy trees to unlike deities too considers them auspicious residence where deities reside.

Man uses the plants inwards nature for his nutrient too other uses to brand his lifesolace able. Since it is Mother Nature that nourishes him, he refers to the rule too near of import gifts of nature that he uses every bit 'Mother'. Coconuts hand us food, oil, fiber, shell, rope too many to a greater extent than things. Its each too every office is useful for us. Therefore inwards many cultures kokosnoot is worshiped too besides called Mother coconut. Similarly cocoa constitute is called female parent cocoa.

Just similar how trees are homes to adept spirits too angels, at that place are trees that are homes to evil spirits too ghosts too. People do pray too worship the evil entities requesting too appeasing to them to protect mankind from impairment too evil influence. Many plants are used past magicians too sorcerers to fix brews too concoctions. Witches are known to role plants similar belladonna inwards their witchcraft to fix poisons too other magic portions.

Nature is abundant amongst both adept too bad. Similarly at that place are adept plants too at that place are plants that are poisonous or evil for man's use. It is for human to larn to role adept things too avoid using evil things too abide by nature too live thankful.
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